Reading is child's play

On the left is three-year-old Leanna, thrilled at having decoded the word 'cot'. "A cot for babies!", she exclaimed. This is just after 10 hours cumulative teaching time using the Gertrude Garrow AtoZeasy Reading System. Each lesson was monitored.

Ollie reading 

Ollie reading 

Leanna learns her letter names and sounds

Leanna learns her letter names and sounds

Following this, Leanna learned the High-Frequency sight words that make up 25% of textbook words and some consonant digraphs such as 'sh' and 'ch' and was able to read words containing these letter groupings.


Ollie aged 4 reading his phonetic reader independently. He said he chose this book because he "loved the story and pictures."


International Experience 

From palaces in Saudi Arabia, government schools in Pakistan to the deprived in Asia, Gertrude reaches and teaches all levels of society.  Those who know her, love her for her kindness, sense of fun and for giving hope to those without hope through providing them with literacy skills.

Leanna reading phonetically

Leanna reading phonetically


Pak kids 1.JPG

“We chose students with a range of difficulties ranging from behavioral problems to non-attendance, and what became clear was that all students attended regularly, all came to look for their teacher, and behavioral issues no longer seemed to exist

Children in Pakistan

Children in Pakistan

At the end of the course the comments the students made were amazing, they described the course as:  …brilliant…fun…exciting…they loved the music and colour.  One student said, "Miss, if I had that four years ago, can you imagine where I’d be now…it should be made an option for everyone.’”

Gill Smith (Head Teacher – Feltham Community College)

They became less confrontational, relaxed and willing to learn, something we’d failed to achieve in the last three years… 

“It’s brilliant…if there’s this difference in two weeks, think what could be achieved in four years.” 

S.Hughes (BA AFBPsS E. Psych C.Psychol), independent assessor of 2006 SEN pilot:

Independent assessment of the students by Anthony Glassberg saw a marked improvement in reading and retention levels after just 30 hours of cumulative teaching time.

“I am in no doubt this study demonstrates a large superiority in reading gains brought about by this system over a well taught orthodox reading course.”

A.Glassberg BA Med AFBPsS C.Psychol

Feltham Adult Community College) after a 2004 pilot that comprised only eleven-hours of cumulative teaching with two adults Ian aged 16 and Katie aged 18. 

“Retention is really difficult, because young people have to move quickly, they don’t have the patience…traditional methods are too much like school, and our students have a problem with the school learning system, whereas Gertrude Garrow's Reading System (GGRS) is totally different…

it's  so quick... it works!  I’m astounded! 

People with years of experience are amazed…everybody is amazed! We want to use it (GGRS) with every young adult we have coming in here…I think that it would be a crime not to be able to offer this to everybody, and this age group especially.

Fiona McKinley-Wilson (Head of Basic Skills Course

Some of the Many Success Stories

(Katie aged 18)  “I feel capable now …instead of getting frustrated, just giving up, I can get myself motivated to sit there and read….I love it!  Just to be able to read a book. Now I can read and write, it changes everything.” Katie, aged 18 years - London, England”  Katie was employed as a receptionist following 30 hours of teaching.                                                                                                                      

Ian 16, a traveller left after 12 hours of teaching time, but came back later to say that he had taught his sister and mother to read.

14 year old, Fiona had reading gains of 10 years in 20 hours of teaching. Fiona had been having private tuition from the age of six, but failed to read

A class of sixteen, 13-14 year-old SEN students, experienced reading level gains of up to 2-3 years after only 12-hours of AZL teaching.

A 13-year-old boy SEN student who had been attending a special school from the age of six, is now attending a regular school after only 30-hours of (GGRS) teaching.

Three-year-old children reading phonetically after less than 10-hours of (GGRS) cumulative teaching time.