Gertrude Garrow  (Kerrigan)

Gertrude Garrow (nee Linnane) is one of ten children born in the picturesque, seaside town of Kinvara, Co. Galway, Ireland.  

Having qualified as microbiologist, Gertrude was employed by Trinity College, Dublin for a number of years.  Following the birth of her first son, Mark,  she studied Montessori Teaching and opened her own Montessori School in Dublin, Ireland.  Her school soon became known as 'a centre of excellence' as many of the  3-5 year-olds were reading, writing and doing number work way above their grade levels.  

Gertrude's innovative methods for teaching core curriculum subjects led her to becoming a scriptwriter and presenter for the education department of  RTE,  Irish National TV and radio.  Later, having  studied film and multimedia, she became a lecturer on Multimedia Production by Brunel University, UK. 

Gertrude's accomplishments include winning awards as both playwright and poet. She is also the author of  "Tell me how to Write Poo', a collection of short stories that give accounts of her experiences in teaching children with ADHD, dyslexia and autism and 'Living a Victorious Life'.  Many of her children's songs and short stories have also been published and presented on radio and TV.  Gertrude is also an accomplished artist.


Simon's art, whether in oil, watercolour, mixed media or book illustration are dramatic & sought after by collectors worldwide. 

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The delightful, teaching animations for the AtoZeasy Reading System were created by Gertrude's husband Simon and her son Stuart. 

Children and adults love them. 


                                                  Dunguaire Castle, Kinvara, Co Galway

                                                  Dunguaire Castle, Kinvara, Co Galway

During the early 70's, Gertrude developed her pictorial alphabet-reading-system that she now calls the AtoZeasy Reading System. This system was used in her school in Dublin, Ireland, for many years and the alphabet that forms the basis of her system was published by Pathfinder Publications, in Ireland in 1984.  During that time, Gertrude also designed and marketed a range of wooden educational aids that were sold in her retail outlet. 

In 1987,  Gertrude moved to London and astounded experts by her ability to teach children and adults with learning difficulties, including those with dyslexia, to read, not in years, but in 30 hours or less.

In the late 80's, Gertrude was invited to work abroad and as a result spent many years teaching or training teachers internationally.  Among those taught were children of:  the Saudi Arabian royal families, government ministers in Pakistan,  British peers and some of the poorest children in Asia and the UK. 

Gertrude is currently living in Berkshire, United Kingdom with her artist husband,  Simon. 

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The lively songs composed by Gertrude and her sister Jane Doran have a touch of magic about them. Simon and  Stuart, arranged and recorded the music. 

Family members, sons Mark & Warren, grand daughter Vanessa Olson-Kerrigan, sister Jane Doran, educational psychologist, and niece Sinead Doran,  added their creative input to many aspects of the work and even provided voices for the animated songs and stories.